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Dan has lived a life full of design, invention, and making. His professional expertise ranges from studio manager, to design consultant, to researcher, to product manager.

His most notable work in the design community was with major global design manufacturers Herman Miller and Knoll. There he worked to innovate and develop visionary digital and physical products and services, all in partnership with designers and architects. He currently works with real estate brokers and architecture rm principals to design and implement new spaces where people work, learn, heal, and live.

Educated with a BFA in Visual Communication Design, Dan began to understand the fundamental principles of design and what truly matters. Problem solving was always rooted in his academic experience. Also a holder of an MFA in Industrial Design at RIT, Dan’s appreciation for, and dedication to, the practice of design is well fortified.

Dan has a deep passion for product design, architecture, technology, workplace strategy, re- urbanization, ergonomics, UX, and social media. Outside of those passions, Dan loves his family and friends, culinary activities, bonsai gardening, aerial drone photography, golf, travel, and comedy. 

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